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Beta-casein is the second most common type of protein found in milk, which occurs in two common forms in cow milk, namely A1 and A2. A1 beta-casein is the protein type typically found in most cows’ milk that is considered harmful for human health. A2 beta-casein, on the other hand, is found in desi cow breeds and possess great nutritional value and benefits relatively.
There is a potent reason why most doctors recommend cutting A1 milk from your diet. It is because of a string of proven risks A1 rich milk poses to human health, which include:
  • Presence of BCM-7 (Beta-casomorphin) in A1 milk makes it difficult to digest leading to digestive disorders and other associated problems like inflammation, gas, stomach pain and cramps.
  • Type-1 diabetes
  • Heart disease (IHD)
  • Autism
  • Schizophrenia
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Intolerances and allergies
At Goudoodh, we produce pure, natural cow milk that is rich in the A2 protein and preservative free. We breed Sahiwal cows at our farm that naturally produce milk that contains the A2 protein type so that you can rest assured you are buying the right quality.
A2 milk is pure cow milk that contains the same levels of lactose as in standard cow milk. So, it may not be a cure to people medically diagnosed with lactose intolerance. However, even with the presence of lactose, A2 milk, unlike standard milk, allows you to enjoy varied dairy benefits without affecting your digestive health. So, why not make the switch?
We breed only Sahiwal cows at our dairy farm to produce milk rich in A2 protein and the same milk is used to make other dairy products sold at Goudoodh such as Ghee, Buttermilk and Paneer.
Delicious, fresh A2 milk produced at Goudoodh is a good source of the A2 protein that is known for boosting overall health and wellbeing. Here’s a quick glance at some less-known benefits:
  • Improves digestion
  • Promotes immunity, memory power and brain health
  • Good for thyroid and helps prevent obesity
  • Reduces the chances of breast and skin cancer
  • Comparatively high levels of healthy fat that support cell structures
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